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A simple, yet powerful, financial management scheme
I present a simple, but powerful, personal finance management scheme, which should help to redirect you to the path of the wealthy.
How I plan my day
I share an artifact I wield to help me exercise agency in life — my daily schedule.
On deresponsibilization
When an individual is deresponsibilized, they lose three vital virtues: freedom, ability to thrive, and financial intelligence. How to responsibilize the individual? I share a piece of practical advice that may change your life.
Two strategies to eliminate bad debt from your life
I analyze two strategies to get out of bad debt – the Robert Kiyosaki approach, and an optimization approach I’ve used in the past to eliminate bad debt quickly with minimal penalties.
Free Choice and the Problem of Evil: A Compatibilist Approach
The problem of evil can be resolved once one assumes a compatibilist worldview with respect to free choice, given a sufficiently large set of decision points.
Why you should learn the Skwxwú7mesh language
Want to learn a new language? Try the critically endangered ones.
A loathsome, overlooked holocaust of WWII
The Rape of Nanjing, as the massacre has come to be known, deserves our historical attention and remembrance as any other genocide and holocaust perpetrated against humanity.
A rationale for David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”
What Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow can do for Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and for you in your productivity.
On archiving almost everything
Archiving and not discarding any document that comes your way, be it handwritten or recorded, could help build a useful power basis if wielded intelligently.
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